Tableland Community Housing has a clear commitment to the rights of tenants to respectful, fair and non-discriminatory treatment.

We are committed to providing secure sustainable and affordable housing to those on the social housing waitlist. Our tenants are the focus of the work we do and we are active in working with our tenants to establish and maintain tenancies that are successful. It is important to us that our tenants develop a sense of belonging and security in their homes and have the opportunities and supports they need to feel connected and involved in the local community.

Tableland Community Housing has a long history of working in partnership with support organisations. Through partnerships we are able to support our tenants to sustain their tenancies and strengthen the communities in which we operate. Housing staff advocate on behalf of tenants to improve their access to services and collaborate with our partners to ensure services are accessible and delivered in a quality and timely manner.

We actively encourage our tenants to contribute to their housing needs and to participate in social activities such as end of year tenant barbeques, tenant surveys, tenant newsletters and through the use of tenant representatives.